‘Taking curriculum seriously’

In preparation for our Inset Day on 19th October, staff are being asked to read the article ‘Taking curriculum seriously,’ by Christine Counsell, as a way to continue our conversations around developing the knowledge-rich curriculum at CPS. In this vlog, I offer a synopsis, as well as commentary, on the article to support teachers reading it for the first time.

Counsell, C. (2018). Taking curriculum seriously. Impact, 4, 6-9.

Research Findings: Executive Summary 4

The findings from Executive Summary 4 highlights the successes and challenges of implementing the Knowledge Rich Curriculum, considers new initiatives such as the CPS Literature Spine and the CPS Vocabulary Pathway and the resources required to successfully implement them. Further, themes related to professional development are addressed.

As we move forward, we are discussing ways to assess and evaluate the curriculum, considering ways to resource new initiatives and how to support staff as they implement those initiatives.